Friday, June 22, 2007

Bears on the move in VA

This 200-pound black bear was struck by a car and killed recently in Gloucester.

Last week Penny Reed of Jamaica was driving toward Gloucester County on Route 17 at Glenns when she struck the bear with her car and killed it. She was near the EVB Bank building in Glenns.

Authorities said the bear was a young black male and could have been roaming in search of a mate and had just roamed too far off course. Last week black bears also were spotted in King and Queen and even the suburbs of Richmond.

Reed said the bear looked like a “big shadow in the night” crossing the road and then there was a “big bang” when she hit it. “I knew it was more than a shadow then,” she said.

“I’m not surprised it was a young male,” said a representative from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries in Richmond. “This is the breeding season and yearling males are out trying to find their own territory because they have been pushed out by older males. We get a lot of movement in the bear community this time of the year.”

Game department statistics show bears occur in at least 92 of Virginia’s 98 counties and cities. For more information and tips about what to do if you see a bear in our area, check the game department web site at


Matt said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were driving home from Charlottesville tonight and we almost hit a bear crossing route 64 right after the Ferncliff exit. It was raining and from a distance looked like a dog. As we got closer it was a large black colored bear and it was getting ready to cross into our lane. If I didn't see it, I would NOT believe it.