Friday, October 12, 2007

How's the hunting out there?

My friend and hunting buddy dropped a large doe early Saturday morning at about 30 yds. A double lung shot the deer only went 20 yds. His first Bow kill! He started bow hunting last year and missed some nice deer. So in the off season he practiced and practiced. It payed off opening morning, congrats!!!!!

Here's a nice story from the RTD. Link

Anyone else see or shoot anything?


darrell said...

I still haven't been out (hopefully tomorrow) but two of my buddies have already taken decent bucks!

Tom James said...

Darrell, I haven't been out yet either.

I had planned an afternoon hunt but some other to dos' got in the way again. helped a friend get his ladder stands ready this AM and trimmed some shooting lanes. Lots of sign and rubs. Look like a good acorn crop, but very very dry. Hope we get rain soon!

Watched a Jim Shockey video at lunch. I really like his vids. My kinda folks.