Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Track Virginia outdoor Legislation


2008 Virginia General Assembly Legislation

Through this summary, VDGIF will provide information on bills related to the Department's mission that may be of interest to you.

Click on the bill number to go directly to the state's Legislative Information System (LIS) to view the most current version of the full text of the legislation, summary information, and current status. Please note that the "status" information will be updated on the LIS only when there has been action on the specific piece of legislation; not all bills will be acted on in the same timeframes.
Bill Title Status
HB114 Trap identification; permits hunters to attach an identification number to traps.
HB115 Submerged traps; licensed trappers allowed to visit every 72 hours.
HB319 Fishing permit, special; issued to patients from veterans or military hospitals.
HB872 Wearing blaze orange while hunting. No longer moving forward
HB886 Bear hound training season.
HB1016 Killing of deer over bait; local authority.
HB1088 Department of Game and Inland Fisheries; disclosure of official records; exceptions. No longer moving forward
HB1175 Apprentice hunting license.
HB1250 Personal flotation devices required for children; civil penalty. No longer moving forward
HB1352 Board of Game and Inland Fisheries. No longer moving forward
HB1361 Duties of Director of Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. No longer moving forward
HB1456 Hunting with bow and arrow or crossbow. No longer moving forward
HB1482 Bears; non-lethal control measures.
HJ114 Public's right to float, fish, and navigate waters of State; joint subcommittee to study. No longer moving forward
HJ231 Game and Inland Fisheries, Board of; Board & Department to provide for citizen input in regulations.
SB263 Retrieving hunting dogs. No longer moving forward
SB365 Hunting turkeys. No longer moving forward
SB524 Hunting on Sunday. No longer moving forward
SB552 Fishing license; exemptions for persons assisting disabled persons.
SB617 Apprentice hunting license.
SB708 Urban archery season; incorporate regulations consistent with daily hunting provisions. No longer moving forward
SB765 Water safety enforcement.

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