Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tear Drop camper trailers

With the price of fuel so high, it's a little pricey to go off for the weekend in the 4x4 and big truck camper.

So maybe with a little sweat and blood I can build a portable sleeper that I can pull behind the TDI VW. Save fuel and still have a great weekend in the boonies.

Here are some great websites on the topic if your interested.

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greekspeedoman said...


Thanks for visiting and linking to my site ( It sounds like you have some experience with wallpapering. ha ha. So far we have only tried paint so I have no experience there.

As far as material lists for a teardrop, I have found a few. most of them are quite localized (purchases from local hardware stores and such) and there isn't much in the organized materials list dept. I am keeping detailed records of what I use and plan to publish a generic list of materials on my blog. However, I am not done yet so I don't have the list up yet. Keep checking in and eventually it will be there.

If you've been reading up on teardrop building and want to do it, I say go for it. It is fun and I am impressed with how spacious something that looks so small can be. Then I recommend that you and your Senior Management paint the inside and stay away from wallpaper