Sunday, March 25, 2007

'Bloomberg Gun Giveaway' to taunt N.Y. Mayor

"The best way to get guns off the street and criminals off the street is to lock 'em up," Hill said. "They seem to want to pick on an old stereotype: It's so easy to get a gun in Virginia and run it up to New York. When quite honestly, you can break into a house anywhere and get anything you like."

Bloomberg's face is on a poster taped to a shotgun rack at Bob Moates, under the words "Here are our worst enemy." Sarah Brady of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle are also pictured, though Bloomberg's face is circled in bright pink highlighter.

The winner will receive a Para-Ordnance handgun worth around $900.

Longtime customer Scott Cashion, 31, of Chesterfield, said he has earned six or seven tickets — and may end up with more to get back at Bloomberg.

"I bought some kind of for spite," he said while looking over a stack of ammunition. "What he's doing is wrong."

The winner of the contest at Old Dominion Guns and Tackle will get a Browning Varmint Stalker rifle, also worth about $900.

"I've been in business 27 years and I've probably had the best February I've ever had," store owner Dennis Alverson said. "Nobody's got a great likeness for Bloomberg in this area."

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