Monday, March 19, 2007

Shed Hunting

If you've never been hunting for shed antlers before nows the time to go.

Finding sheds can be almost as fun as seeing a trophy buck. One thing for sure, when you find a good shed your guaranteed that buck is still around for next years hunt.

And it's good exercise, and a good time to scout before the turkey hunters, bugs and undergrowth come out.

Edges of fields, bedding areas and trails are all good locations to hunt for them. But the fun part is finding them where you don't expect to. Especially those big racks!

So get some exercise and some post season scouting in and maybe you'll get lucky and find a big one.


Norm said...

Shed hunting is a great adventure. Nice blog.

Tom James said...

Thanks Norm. Found a few nice sheds while doing a little farming this week. Post some pics soon.