Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Kidding, Farmers are cheap and don't waste anything!

It turns out that run-off from land development for housing, roads, stores, factories, and other commercial applications is, Whigham said, "actually more destructive to water quality than agriculture."

Ecologist Strives to Protect, Restore Chesapeake Bay
Wabash College - Crawfordsville,IN,USA
If you think research on the Chesapeake Bay has no connection to the Midwest, Dennis Whigham ’66 says you're wrong. "It’s totally relevant," the Smithsonian ...
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Farmers aren't going to use more than is absolutely needed of anything, the cost are to high and profit margin to low.

On the other hand home owners are not looking at the same volume of material so when they use too much the cost are insignificant monetarily, but devastating for waterways.

Also development closes off the ground with concrete, asphalt, and roof tops. Not to mention all the water absorbing vegetation that is destroyed, so therefore you have tremendous amounts of contaminated runoff flowing into waterways.

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